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If you run a small business and you’re trying to build momentum and gain traction in the market, rather than try to appeal to the world, why not set your sights slightly closer to home and focus on building a loyal customer base of local customers?

And if you’re keen to tap into the local market, it makes sense to use a local digital marketing agency.

But then we would say that, what with being a local London digital marketing agency, based in Hammersmith. So, first of all, let’s briefly look at the benefits of why your small business should use a digital marketing agency. And then secondly we can tackle the reasons why you should use a local digital marketing agency.

The benefits of using local digital marketing services

  • Frees you up to run your business. You didn’t start your particular business to learn about digital marketing. So let the experts who got into the digital marketing business help you out there.
  • Saves you money. The cost of hiring a dedicated in-house digital marketing specialist when you’re trying to start up just doesn’t make sense. By outsourcing your digital marketing needs to an agency, you get rid of the payroll costs, as well as responsibilities like pension contributions, sick pay and salaries.
  • They’re experts. If you’re stuck on a digital marketing issue, rather than spend time trying to muddle your way through it, they’ll have the answers or rather, they won’t get stuck on it at all.
  • They’re up to date. If you’re new to digital marketing then you might not be aware of the tips and tricks. A good digital marketing agency will pride itself on knowing what works, what doesn’t, what is new and what is tired.
  • You get measurable results. If you’re doing your digital marketing yourself, you not only need to learn the ropes, but you need to learn how to measure your efforts. An agency will lay out your KPIs before beginning any digital marketing campaign and will provide you with progress reports.
  • They have the tools. They know all the digital marketing tools that are required to get your job done. Not only that, but they know how to wield them to your best advantage too.

So, that all makes sense. But in this digital era where everything is done online and outsourcing your digital marketing needs to a digital marketing agency means you have the pick of the litter, why should you opt for a local digital marketing agency?

5 reasons you should use a local digital marketing agency

  1. You can meet in person. What is more reassuring when conducting business than meeting someone face to face? Yes, you could have your pick of digital marketing agencies, but if you opt for an agency that isn’t local to you, meeting up regularly is just not going to happen. You could use remote communication channels like Slack, or an online project management platform like Trello to keep abreast of developments, but when 93% of all communication is non-verbal, meeting in person can be hugely beneficial.
  2. They know the local area. This may not seem like a hugely relevant point, but what does it matter if the local digital marketing agency can navigate through the backstreets of your town? But it does. Because if you want to connect to local customers, knowing the streets, the local demographics, and the type of residents you’re targeting, means you can streamline your digital marketing approach to really tap into the local market. A national agency or even an international agency will only be able to give you ‘best practice’, a local agency will give you local insights.
  3. They have local connections. If you’re trying to get your foot in the door in the local area, then having a local digital marketing agency that not only knows the landscape and who the customers you’re targeting are, and is able to connect you to will be a huge boost. A national agency could never do that. A local digital marketing agency will have worked with businesses like yours before and will have a broad spectrum of connections across your community who can not only help you out but could even give you insights into what your competition is up to.
  4. Quick replies. There is nothing more frustrating when trying to run a business than sending an urgent email and getting crickets. A national digital marketing agency won’t have the capacity, the time or the inclination to send someone around to talk to you or help you out when you really need them. A local digital marketing agency will because they understand the value of personal contact and recognise that your success locally will benefit the local community.
  5. They are adaptable. Being a local agency they will be small and agile enough to be able to react at lightning speed to changing market conditions in your backyard. They know what is going on locally because they live locally. They know what is affecting your neighbours and what marketing strategies you can adopt to best target your customers quickly and effectively.

So go local when you can. Not only are you supporting a local business, but you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour too.

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