7 Tips To Improve The Marketing Of Your Luxury Drinks Brand

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With COVID still loitering, but consumers chomping at the bit to get out and about once more, what can you do to improve the marketing of your luxury drinks brand, to drive maximum engagement now, and in the coming months?

Luxury drinks brand marketing

COVID has thrown a spanner in the works of all industries. And just like every other industry, the FMCG arena has had to adapt, testing and altering marketing strategies throughout the last year, pivoting away from B2B to B2C, and transitioning from in-store to e-commerce campaigns.

But with a lockdown lift on the horizon, the rollout of the vaccine programme underway, life could (fingers crossed), be returning to something resembling normal, in the not too distant future.

As an affordable drinks marketing agency, Market Jar works with independent small-batch wine supplierssmall-batch winerieswine delivery companies and wine shops. We know how hard COVID has hit drinks brands. We’ve pivoted with you, trying new innovative avenues and being adaptable in our approach.

So, if your luxury drinks brand has taken a hit in the last year, we’ve put together a list of 7 tips to help you improve your marketing strategy.

1. Make a hybrid marketing strategy

You’ve spent the last year working on your B2C strategy, actively engaging directly with consumers and building your e-commerce sales, don’t shut up those avenues when consumers are allowed out again. The margins are good and you’ll have created a band of loyal supporters. Nurture them.

But of course, develop campaigns encouraging consumers to celebrate, together, with your drinks brand, come April 12th.

2. Adapt your approach on social media

If you’re keen to up the engagement on your social media channels, you’ll need to adapt your marketing messages, again.

You can try and go down the approach of ‘lockdown’s lifting, remember the joy of socialising with family and friends, but realistically, we’re still going to be wary of big get-togethers for a while.

Perhaps rather than do as everyone else is doing, and go down the socialising and lifestyle route, create messages that encourage consumers to enjoy your fine wine at home, as well as when they’re out.

Make them aware that your drinks brand is perfect at home or away.

3. Let consumers behind the curtain

One of the things we love the most is being nosy. It’s an inherent human trait.

Pique consumers’ interest and give them something they wouldn’t ordinarily get from your brand.

Let them in behind the scenes. Have them meet the team. Show them how you make your product. Give them a tour of your facilities. Show them why you’re a luxury, high-end drink brand.

4. Create an exclusive club

We all like to feel special, so create an exclusive, members-only area on your website. Then when customers purchase a bottle of your luxury booze, they get access to this area.

Entice consumers with discounts on future purchases, provide access to limited edition products, run bespoke competitions, create unique content just for them.

Plonk, for example, have a limited number of subscriptions for their monthly small-batch wine subscription cases. Their subscription model operates on a first-come, first-served basis, creating a feeling of FOMO among email subscribers. And it really is a fear of missing out, because the wines are small-batch, if you miss out, you miss out.

5. Consumers still want to see a premium luxury drinks brand

One of the advantages of having a luxury drinks company is that you’re already on point with one of 2021’s biggest trends – a desire for premium products.

This ongoing trend is down to consumers opting for quality over quantity, supporting small businesses and growing understanding of sustainability. Consumers are developing more sophisticated tastes. They’re drinking less, but they’re drinking better quality, luxury drinks.

To catch their attention with your marketing, don’t just tell them how luxurious your drinks brand is, show them:

  • Upgrade your branding colour palette from garish to sophisticated.
  • Rethink your content marketing – from email to website, landing page to sales page, make sure your messaging is on point and consistently upmarket.
  • Update your website design – if people are paying big bucks for your brand, give them an experience from start to finish.

Premiumisation is big, huge, in 2021. Market that trend. Harness it.

6. Health and wellness are key

Premiumisation follows hot on the heels of health and wellness. And these topics should dominate your marketing strategy. Following the year we’ve just had, there is an (understandable) demand for products that promote health and wellness.

Highlight these qualities in your marketing. Shout about the health and wellness properties of your products:

  • From what essential ingredients your product contains,
  • To the chemicals and nasties, it doesn’t contain.
  • From your clean ingredients,
  • To the benefits your product affords customers,

Consumers want to know they’re paying to nourish their body, mind and soul.

7. Shout about sustainability

Sustainability is no longer big news.

Sustainability has gone beyond being a trend, it’s now a necessity if you want to attract and keep consumers.

No longer considered a nice to have, according to Mintel, 65% of British consumers and 53% of US consumers, have a strong preference for products that are environmentally friendly.

Give the people what they want.

In your marketing, promote your drink brand’s sustainable credentials far and wide.

  • How sustainable is your supply chain?
  • How amazingly low are the carbon emissions of your delivery system?
  • Do you use recycled glass bottles?
  • Do you source local ingredients?
  • Do you use food waste in your drinks product?
  • Does your business support the local community?
  • Does your brand do good as well as be good?


If you’re looking for an affordable drinks marketing agency that can improve your marketing strategy in a post-COVID world, then you only need to reach out. We know drinks, we know marketing, we know what we’re doing.

To buy wine online through the brands mentioned above, you can do so here:

Plonk Wine Co

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