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If you’re wondering what tools you should use in your digital marketing campaign, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get ahead of the competition in digital marketing.

But first, what is a digital marketing campaign? Well, it’s simply an online marketing effort to increase your audience engagement, boost conversions, drive traffic toward your site and ultimately increase revenue.

All of the below tools can be used in your campaign, but if you aren’t sure how to get started, here’s a very quick sprint through how to start digital marketing.

How to start digital marketing

Digital marketing is a simple concept – it’s marketing your business online and building awareness around your products and services, highlighting the benefits of them to your target audience and potential customers.

The easiest way to start digital marketing is to create content about your business which is not only highly desirable and incredibly relevant for your target audience but is easily shared and compels people to take the desired action you want them to take after consuming it.

For example, you might want people to check out your website, sign up to your subscription service, read your blog, watch your video, sign up to your newsletter.

Whatever your preferred call to action is, digital marketing is a way of getting people to where you want them to go.

Digital marketing tools

And the best thing about digital marketing is you can measure metrics and analyse your efforts every step of the way, giving you insights into your customer’s journeys, who they are, helping your conversion rate optimisation, streamlining your digital marketing effectiveness and ultimately and keeping you ahead of the competition.

So if you’re about to put together a digital marketing campaign, what tools are you going to use from your digital marketing toolbox? Do you even have a toolbox?

When it comes to digital marketing, Market Jar knows there are many tools you can draw upon to help you in your marketing quest. But narrowing down your preferred ones can be tricky.

Every digital marketer has their own personal preference when it comes to which platforms, apps and tools to use to help them in their digital marketing campaign. So, to get ahead in the digital marketing competition, here are a select few of our favourites.

Social media marketing

  • Sprout social. This social media management solution is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool because it doesn’t just allow you to schedule your social media posts, it also has a smart inbox feature meaning that you don’t miss ANY message that comes into any of your social platforms.
  • Canva. This tool shouldn’t be limited to just social media, it is essential for all of your digital content. From jazzing up newsletters to creating eye-catching infographics, this easy to use design software allows you to collaborate and create amazing graphic designs and documents for free, in minutes.


  • Moz. This is the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools. There’s a reason why this all in one SEO software is so popular – it’s because it can help you increase traffic, rankings and visibility in search results. It will provide you with almost any data or information you need to know regarding your site – from site audits to rank tracking, backlink analysis to keyword research. But it doesn’t just tell you what’s going on in your site, it tells you how to fix any issues too. If you’re working in SEO and you’re not using Moz, you’re not doing SEO right.
  • Screaming Frog. This tool is the industry-leading website crawler. Trusted by thousands of SEOs and digital marketing agencies worldwide to help with technical onsite SEO.

Email marketing

  • Mailchimp. This is the one-stop-shop for your email marketing needs (and more). While Mailchimp started life as an email marketing tool, it’s since grown arms and legs to become an all in one integrated marketing platform for small businesses to help them grow. It’s easy to use and makes it incredibly simple to connect with your audience, at just the right time.

Content marketing

  • Answer The Public. This is a free search listening tool, a keyword tool that takes search questions and presents suggested search queries back to you in the form of a search cloud, providing you with the type of queries your audience are asking around your particular topic. If you aren’t sure what content to give your audience, use this tool to find out what people are asking and discover an untapped goldmine of great content ideas.
  • BuzzSumo. This content marketing tool quickly uncovers fresh content ideas, provides platform insights and identifies passionate influencers in your niche and more. It shows you what’s trending and what people are searching for and talking about. It is, quite literally, one of the best content marketing tools out there.

Having the right tools is essential to enable you to create a strategy that reaches your target audience and follows them through their customer journey. And the above list just touches the surface of digital marketing.

There is a whole world of online marketing tools out there, so do your homework and find your favourites. Then let them help you get to where you want to go.

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