The Most Important Dos and Don’ts of Web Design to Know

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The website’s design has a significant impact on the quality of its user experience. A well-designed website can attract you and make you want to stay for a long time, while a bad design can turn you off and make you immediately leave.

So, creating an excellent design can help you stand out from the competition. Thus, it is a crucial component in successfully promoting your products and services.

At the same time, design is subjective, and what you will like and what will be the best design for your website may be different from what the target audience wants. Therefore you always need to check and test your design with your target audience.

In this article, we will explore the most important dos and don’ts of web design. Here’s what you need to know:


Consistent Interface

Users don’t like to waste their time figuring out your website and what they can do there. If a user visits your website, they expect to find all the information they need in a few seconds.

Every element on your website should be easily found, and everything you want users to do should be easy and clear to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contact form, a newsletter sign-up, or a heading.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Have you ever visited a website, only to discover that it took you too long to find what you were looking for? This is very frustrating and makes users leave a wrong impression of your website.

Therefore, it’s imperative to maintain a user-friendly structure that is easy to find and compelling to use.


Use Too Many Colours

Colour can be a very powerful tool in web design, and when used appropriately, it can enhance your designs. However, many people use colour to make their design look more appealing, and it often makes the design look tacky and amateur.

Using too many colours in your design can be as bad as using too many fonts and effects.

Misuse of Stock Images and ClipArt’s

Stock images and clipart can make your website feel very generic, generic, and boring. So use them carefully, don’t just stick them wherever you find them because the truth is, the world is full of websites with the same stock images and clipart, and those are the first ones that get deleted from the browser history.

Forget to Make it Universally Accessible

By making your website accessible to anyone, you’re making your design accessible. More and more people are using tablets and smartphones to browse the Internet, and the difference in size and finger-based navigation is quite significant.

If you fail to make your website accessible across all devices, you will lose a significant part of your audience, making your website design a complete failure.

Even though design is subjective, there are some universal principles that we must all follow to achieve a balanced and practical design. Be consistent, make it easy to navigate, don’t use too many colours, and don’t forget to make your website universally accessible.

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