Explaining the Market Jar Referral Scheme

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The power of referrals is huge, and that is why we at Market Jar are here to offer you something in return for your hard work! At the end of the day, Happy customers are our best marketing tool!

Why is referral marketing so valuable to Market Jar?

Despite the rapid increase of new media, we as marketers increasingly find it harder to reach the audience that matters to our brand. As we are constantly inundated with marketing emails which are completely irrelevant to us. Granted, progress has been made by media owners such as Facebook and Instagram improving specific targeting of advertising, but it is still difficult to cut through the noise of competing brands. A second massive challenge for us as a marketer is the lack of trust in mainstream advertising.

A recent report from Nielsen suggests that trust in marketing has fallen over the last 5 years. So we need to come up with new and enticing offers to help our clients and potential clients, and the attraction of this referral programme is not only financial it’s about building that initial trust that lasts. What we do best, is customer service, we are always here to help you – whatever the question, size of the project etc.

Referral marketing triumphs in both relevance and trust

Relevance; When a friend shares a client with you, they’re acting as the best possible filter for relevance. They know you, your brand and whether you’ll actually appreciate being introduced to the client.

Trust; They also will only share brands with you that they trust. They’re hardly going to risk their reputation by sharing an unreliable or poor-quality client!

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