7 easy growth tactics to boost your email marketing

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If you don’t yet prioritise email marketing for your small business, you might well be thinking about pushing it to the top of your to do list. Particularly given the events of the last week with the social media outages.

If your small business relies solely on social media marketing to grow and nurture your audience, then you definitely want to consider other marketing tools at your disposal. You don’t want to put all your marketing eggs in one basket, and risk losing the lot.

Consider this – if Mark Z decided to turn off FB and Insta tomorrow, would you lose access to your entire customer base? Don’t think this would happen? Where’s MySpace gone? GoogleBuzz? They’ve all been culled. No business is indestructible.


With email marketing, you own your email list (and always will do).

The growing impact of email marketing 2021

The impact of email marketing is not to be underestimated. Just check out these 2021 email marketing stats:

  • The number of email users globally is expected to grow from 3.9 billion (2019) to 4.3 billion (2023), meaning half of the world’s population will have an email address.
  • Email marketing delivers one of the strongest ROIs around. For every $1 you spend on email marketing campaigns, you can expect to see a return of roughly $42. Not bad, eh?
  • Did you know the social media algorithms make it almost impossible for every member of your audience to see every piece of terrific content you post? Even if you have the most engaged audience, on average, only 10% of your followers get shown your posts. When you send out an email, it reaches 100% of your audience (whether they click and open it is another matter), but they have that choice, not Mark Zuckerberg.
  • If you want to acquire and retain customers, email marketing is head and shoulders above organic search, paid search, even social media, when it comes to building trust and improving customer retention rates.
  • Personalisation is huge when it comes to building relationships. It’s not easy to build a personal relationship with followers on social media without dedicating hours to personal outreach. On email it’s easy. If you want to increase your email open rate, simply personalising the subject line can yield a 50% higher open rate.
  • Your customers love hearing from you. Think about your own inbox for a minute. When your favourite brand pings into your life, you open it and read it, because you want to hear their news. The same goes for your customers. If they love you, they want to hear from you. And if they’ve given you their email address, odds are, they want to know your news, so tell them.

So that’s why you should prioritise email marketing, but how do you use email marketing to your advantage?

Here are 7 email marketing tactics to help grow your small business.

1. Make it easy to sign up

This might sound silly, but don’t hide the sign up form.

  • Add subscribe forms throughout your website
  • Add them to your homepage
  • Use them as a CTA at the end of your blog posts
  • Pop them at the bottom of your web pages
  • Include them as a simple sign up next to the navigation menu

2. Give people a reason to sign up

People won’t just hand over their data willy nilly. They’re aware of how valuable it is. So give them something equally valuable in exchange, i.e. create a PDF freebie, write an ebook showcasing your expertise, offer an exclusive discount for subscribers on future purchases, etc.

3. Leverage your data

When you send an email, track the data – who opened it, who clicked on the links, who downloaded the offer you shared, who DIDN’T do any of these.

This data is essential to helping you create future targeted email campaigns. You need to know what your audience liked and responded to, and what bombed.

4. Send a follow up

Always send a follow up email to those who didn’t open your email. Give them a couple of days to get round to opening your first email though, they might not have checked their inbox the day you sent it.

But if after a few days, they still haven’t opened it, send them a nudge and get your email back to the top of their inbox.

5. Segment your audience

Sending a general marketing email to your entire audience won’t have the impact you want it to. If your email marketing platform allows, separate your audience into groups, i.e. people who bought a particular type of product, people who clicked a certain link, people who wanted your freebies but are yet to buy your product or service.

These people are all at different stages of your marketing funnel, as such, you don’t want to target them as if they’re at the same place. Because they’re not. They all have different needs which you’ll want to address with specific campaigns, targeting them and their particular pain points.

6. Vary your content

Don’t send out the same promotional message time and again. It’ll quickly get boring. Just because your audience responded to it once, doesn’t mean they’ll like it every week. And definitely don’t make every email promotional.

Mix it up: share news in your newsletter, include information about your products, use UGC (user generated content), show them behind the scenes etc.

7. Always include a call to action (CTA)

No matter what your email is about, always tell the reader what you’d like them to do next. Include a CTA in every email campaign you send out, even if you don’t want people to buy anything.

By instructing people what action you’d like them to take, you’re increasing engagement with your site, your business, your content.

Simple ways to encourage people to heed your call to action include:

  • Make the button visually clear and appealing
  • Keep the wording short and snappy
  • Use action oriented words to tell people precisely what they should do i.e. click here, download, etc

Let Market Jar help your with email marketing

Essentially, your email list is made up of people who actively want to hear from you. They’ve given you their email address because they like what you do, and they want to stay in touch. That’s a level of intimacy social media can only dream of.

If you aren’t sure how to create an email marketing strategy, or you’re looking to outsource your email marketing to an affordable digital marketing agency, then get in touch with Market Jar today.


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