How a Startup Branding Package Can Grow Your Drinks Business

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A startup branding package can help get your drinks business discovered and set you on the path to growth.

From your logo, to your colour palette, to your tone of voice, a drinks marketing agency will ensure your brand is distinctive and instantly recognisable, attractive to your target audience, and that it conveys the right tone and message.

Take a moment to reflect on what your current drinks branding says about you. Not what you want it to say, or would like it to say, but what it actually says.

When you’re not there to hand-sell your drinks to every individual consumer, what’s on your packaging right now is all that the customer knows about you. If you were in their shoes, would it impress you? Would it entice you to take a swig?

In this incredibly tough, competitive industry, rarely do you get a second chance to make a great first impression.

So, hard truth time:

  • Is your brand a true reflection of what you consider your company’s strengths and values to be?
  • Does your brand speak the same language as your target audience?
  • Is your brand on a par with the type of brands your target audience already consume?


Then perhaps it’s time you invested in your branding.

Startup branding package

Just think how appealing a beautifully visualised brand with an incredibly compelling story will be to consumers who don’t yet know you.

Compare what your branding could be to the homemade branding (and the blood, sweat and tears story) you’re currently showcasing.

Yes, we Brits do love to back the underdog, but at some point you have to grow. You can’t be the newbie forever. You have to position yourself for growth, and you do that by investing in your branding.

You can’t be there to sell your drink and your story to every single customer. Your branding has to sell your product for you.

Great branding can help you manoeuver into the spotlight, improve your visibility, ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace, not just to customers, but to investors and stakeholders too.

If you think investing in branding isn’t important, think again.

The benefits of branding

  • Branding gives your drinks business a distinct identity
  • Branding increases your traction, building trust
  • Branding is how you tell your customers why your brand solves their problem

A distinct identity

Branding gives your company a distinct identity. A great logo can help you stand out, and at some point it can be all your audience needs to recognise you: think of the iconic Starbucks logo, Apple’s logo, Nike’s tick, for example.

A well designed logo isn’t just an image. You want your logo to convey the essence of your brand, it should provide a snapshot of why your company is special. People who look at your logo should be able to make two decisions: whether they want to buy your product, and whether they want to buy from you.

Saying that, your branding doesn’t stop at your logo. Too often companies spend vast amounts of time and money creating the perfect product, and then forget about the packaging the product goes in, or they treat it as an afterthought. But your packaging is the first thing new customers see and what existing customers recognise. What you show on your label is as important, if not more so, than the contents of the packaging.

Your drinks packaging should display your name and awesome logo, but it also needs to highlight why your product satisfies the customer’s wants, needs and desires better than the myriad other drinks brands available.

Fosters trust and loyalty

Your branding is a way you can start to build trust with customers when you aren’t there to look them in the eye and tell them why they should buy from you. When done well, your branding will help create a relationship with your customers, hopefully turning them into loyal customers, ones who return time and again because they know precisely what they’re buying into when they purchase your drink.

Consistently conveys your message

Your branding is also your tone of voice and your messaging, it’s how you explain not just the features of your product (which in reality not many people actually care about), but the benefits of your products – how your product meets the customer’s wants, needs and desires.

Your branding is how you can shout about your core values. It’s your way of telling customers why you’re different, why you matter, why you can solve their problem and in turn give them a cracking user experience.

So, crunch time: does your self-designed branding do all that? Or do you need to invest in a startup branding package to set you off on the right foot, positioning you to shoot for the moon?

Market Jar drinks branding agency

When you’re looking for a drinks branding agency to take your drinks startup from zero to hero, make sure you hire one that delivers – taking your brand from conception to launch.

Market Jar is an established drinks branding agency with a wealth of experience and know-how up our collective sleeves. We are experts in brand building. We are masterful storytellers. We know how to lay the foundations for your drinks brand that you can capitalise on time and again as you grow.

To find out more about why our startup branding package is one of the best things you can do for marketing your drinks business, get in touch with our team today.


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