Did You Know Your Website Can Make or Break Your Business?

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Designing and developing a website for a business is a tremendous responsibility, as it can determine the future of your business and your ability to serve your customers. This is especially true since companies have been consistently moving online over the past couple of months, if not years.

Most people just pull out their smartphones and search for businesses online, opening websites and reading about the companies listed on them. To get customers in this way, every company needs to make sure it has certain essentials on its website that help potential customers find the company and ensure the company’s long-term prospects for growth improve.

There are plenty of important factors that affect whether a website makes or breaks a business. Some of the most important ones include:

A Responsive Website

Making your website usable on any device—from desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones, and beyond—is known as making a website “responsive.” That means being able to have everything resize smoothly no matter what screen, browser and operating system is being used.

A Website’s Loading Speed

Your website must load quickly. Search engines like Google will rank sites higher if they load quickly. Not only that, but Google considers your site to be a fine one if it loads quickly and will list you among the top places on the first page of search results if your site is fast.

This also applies to the other end: loading speed plays into the user experience (UX).

An Extra Factor That Helps to Stand Out From Competition

It’s important to get an edge over competitors somehow. That means it’s vital to step out of the box and do something different. Nothing too fancy is required; a good colour scheme or a memorable logo will go a long way. Bring on engagement with clients by having a space for feedback or customer reviews on the website!

This is also where using video would come in very handy. Every website has text, graphics, and often some video, so it’s important to add video to your site. Animated explainer videos are an engaging way to show visitors who you are and what your site is about.

Clearly Laid Out Information

If you want search engines to find and index your website, make sure it’s easy to crawl the pages to use the content for ranking. Navigation links should take visitors to the most relevant pages for their search.

For topics that are hard to find on the site, the user should see the site map quickly. Also, consider providing a search bar on the site where visitors can easily search for any topic they want.

Content Quality Over Quantity

Copy always needs to be good enough to convince readers to act. Whether they are entering their email addresses to subscribe to a newsletter, buying a certain product on a website, or coming to your restaurant, each call to action should be clear enough that the reader acts.

Regularly updated content that’s high-quality is also actively preferred by search engines.

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