SEO Case Study: Blues Agency


Who is Blues Agency Limited?

Blues Agency is one of the leading employment agencies for chef recruitment in the UK. They recruit professional cooks, chefs, butlers and waiting staff, for corporate and private functions.

Key Achievements:

Blues Agency had not a lot going on, the website was not getting much or any traffic. They didn’t have any back-links, and no GMB profile, or tracking set-up. The traffic was a lot lower than other niches, but it will convert higher since there is higher intent. We organised and orchestrated a 3-month SEO clean up. The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO strategy on the back of a website edit along with full content rewriting, new infrastructure, significant speed improvements, SCHEMA integration and more.

The Scenario:

Blues was ranked fairly low in comparison to their competitors, we were asked to come on board to give them a boost on their online presence. Market Jar produced new website content for their services. The content was produced on the back of in-depth competitor analysis, trends, what’s popular & other data sources. Using this approach we’ve successfully driven up website traffic for not just core keywords but a long variety of long-tail searches.

We are delivering:

With a relatively low monthly retainer, we were able to generate new leads and give them a real sense of true traffic conversion. The visibility online for Blues has increased tenfold. They are ranking in Google’s Top 10, for their 20 targetted keywords. They have the highest visibility over all of their competitors online and are starting to see huge increases in traffic off the back of Market Jar’s SEO delivery. They are seeing a major influx to their site.

If you’re looking to employ a really smart chef for the weekend head on over to Blues: or if you’re looking for an seo plan or cleanup then send us an email here >>.

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