Complete Marketing Strategy for Online Food Delivery Service


Who are L'incontro?

L’incontro was created by two Italian siblings, Alessandro and Roberta, who shared a love for Italian Aperitivo. It’s a daily occasion to share moments of happiness with friends and family. So why not try to share this tradition with UK homes also?
Inspired by this simple mission, the founders set out to bring the freshness and quality of the Italian “tagliere” who grew up enjoying everyday in Italy to British Kitchens.

Key Achievements & The Scenario

L’incontro came to Market Jar in late 2020, they wished to outsource their Digital Marketing for their online food delivery service, with our experience in the FMCG trade, we saw a perfect fit. The challenge was to deliver a complete marketing strategy for the online food delivery service, this included; a brand new email marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, significant speed improvements, SCHEMA integration and more. Our main goals were to dramatically increase the rate of orders, increase the customer base, reduce checkout abandonment, and improve organic rankings for the keywords that were relative to L’incontro.


What are we delivering?

Most of the spend in months 1-3 is going on PPC, with an array of different ad-sets running, and we’re seeing really exciting gains so far.

We have excelled in the campaign, sales have increased from 5-10/month to some 200 a month in just 2-3 months.

There have been significant increases in the volume of website traffic from our email marketing strategy, and a new record for us; we managed to gain 5,500 emails in just 6 days, which is a ridiculous 550,000% increase!!

Leave the competition in the dust today, and sign-up with Market Jar.

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