Digital Marketing for iVino Wines

Make the most of your wine tasting experience by purchasing South American wines from iVino.

Who are iVino Wines?

iVino is a South American wine retailer, who is based solely online. They offer a selection of over 150 wines online, and these are delivered directly to your door.

The Scenario:

The guys from Ivino wines came to Market Jar in 2021, to put in a request for creating a catch-all place for B2C customers to buy South American wines easily online, and have them delivered quickly and in one piece. The business was without a business plan, USP’s and little expertise in the UK drinks market. We hooked them up with a refreshing list of new suppliers and even a new warehouse to fulfil their orders from.

What did we deliver?

We faced some major set-backs at the beginning, with various indexing issues bought forward from the previous development company in Brazil. When this spike was sorted, we continue to see serious increases in traffic. 76.37 % increase in Organic traffic since we started working on the account, with 89.9% of these customer being new customers!



Keyword overview

The keyword rankings are really promising for iVino, you can see the positive impact of our extensive keyword research. After just 3 months iVino now has more than 83 keywords ranking, this is a 900% increase, and is continuing to increase monthly.



The Blog/Content

iVino were seriously lacking in the content front when they came on board with Market Jar, we build the page on their shopify platform to suit their theme, and from here we added content titles to the extensive keyword research. To-date we have produced 3 articles which are all insightful on the southern american wine trade, and all are found online through their specific keywords. These articles will continue to be key traffic drivers for the business.

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