Leica Camera Media Campaign


Who is Leica Camera?

Leica Camera Inc is a Private company and a manufacturer and marketer of cameras and sport optics products. Matthias Harsch is the CEO. They retail products in shops across the UK and Europe as well as selling products online.

Key Achievements & The Scenario

Leica Camera came to Market Jar in August 2018. The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO & PPC strategy on their Mirrorless Camera System the SL & build along with full content rewriting, new infrastructure, significant speed improvements, SCHEMA integration and more. Our main goals were to Increase Revenue, Reduce Checkout Abandonment and Improve Organic Rankings for Relative Keywords.




What we delivered:

Most of the social media spend was allocated to Facebook with an array of different campaigns running. Facebook campaigns also saw the distribution of ads over Instagram.

There were significant increases in the volume of website traffic from Facebook paid activities with a 430% increase in Facebook traffic. In total, there was a 290% increase in social traffic, with over 5000 clicks. The majority of the traffic came from Facebook and Instagram.




Video Performance

Most videos on the Leica channel had very few views ranging between 50 – 400 views. After Market Jar had worked on them – 1 of their youtube videos in question had over 80,000 views. 95% + of these views were paid. There were over 90,443 views separately on the Google Display Network.


Traffic Snapshot

This snapshot shows ALL of the website traffic to the Leica Mayfair domain.

The campaign ran from the beginning of September until mid-November.

Comparatively from campaign start to finish (1st Sep to 15th Nov) there were an additional 60,000 website visits compared to the same time frame in 2017).



Traffic Comparison

Looking at this snapshot, we can see the traffic differences between September to November 2018 compared to the previous year.

Over the campaign duration, there was a 171% increase in website traffic attributable to all channels.

This is across all channels but primarily driven by Paid search + organic + display.




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