SEO Case Study: English Wine Company

In just 3 months; 85 page 1 keywords, 1,303 total keywords and 5,340 x Organic Traffic Visits!

Who is The English Vine?

The English Vine are an English wine retailer selling great wines, without the nonsense. On their website, you can discover extraordinary wine: Blighty born or curated from across the continent. Most of these wines are little known to the retail trade.

Complete technical SEO strategy

For the the English Vine we identified their top areas of on-site issues. 3 months of data showed that some 79.3% of the site’s organic traffic came from brand keywords such as ”the english vine”. Outside of branded organic traffic, there was very little keyword traffic. There had only been only 281 clicks, which translates to around 3 organic visits per day. Thankfully all products were properly canonicalised, and the sitemaps were set-up correctly.

Starting with the GMB profile, we accessed and fixed up issues here – there was no address, no deception and no personality.

Titles, Meta Descriptions, URLs

Starting with the Titles, Meta Descriptions and URLs we identified that 98% of links were in fact broken. Each page should have its own unique title, meta description and URL as these three things provide a strong indication of what the page is about, which is a huge relevance signal for search engines, we manually went through all pages, and completed a unique keyword research per page, and implemented new content to all pages. Fixing this alone, saw a huge increase in new organic traffic.

Producing high-quality content

By creating completely unique content by using our extensive keyword research, we were able to create high quality content for the blog section which will also benefit the SEO efforts considerably in a number of ways including, but not limited to, directly targeting informational keywords, creating opportunities for internal linking and creating potential link targets for naturally acquired third-party backlinks (as many publishers will not want to link to directly to money/product pages).


Overall we saw some very pleasing increases in organic traffic, some highlights here:

When we started we saw only 4 brand keywords in top 3 positions, 490 total keywords, and 694 Organic Traffic Visits

After just three months of working with them, we saw 12 x non brand keywords in top 3 positions, 85 page 1 keywords, 1,303 total keywords and 5,340 x Organic Traffic Visits!

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