SEO Case Study: Online Saké company

Over 600% increase in traffic. 16 Ranking keyword terms.

Who is Sake Shoten?

Sake Shoten is run by an English Sake Samurai called Chris Ashton. Chris aims to bring exclusive and world class Sake to the UK through direct imports. His aim is to bring small sample bottles and build specialty packs so you can try this wonderful beverage without initially having to buy full bottles, if you are unfamiliar with Sake.


At first it was business as usual, a brand-new site, launched just 3 days before coming to us.

Within one month of working together, our direct-to-consumer online Saké client saw more organic traffic trickling in.

And then came a downpour.

By the third month of publishing keyword-optimised content, and manual outreach to our team of 600 outreach partners, our client was getting 2,100 monthly organic visitors from the time we started working with them.


We’ve seen an increase in their rankings, and we’ve achieved more and more first-page and second-page keywords. When we started, it was a brand-new site, so they were not ranking for anything. Now after just 3 months, they are ranking for 16 main keyword terms, with an increase of over 600 positions split of them.


Organic Visitors


Page 1 Keywords


Increase in Organic Traffic

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