SEO Case Study: Specialist Dog Breeder

Responsible for a 1,328% increase in Organic Traffic.

The Client

Big Hearted Breeders is a Specialist Dog Breeder in the US state of Salt Lake City. After breeding for over a decade and parenting for over two, the mistakes the owner made did not define her, they made her more prepared to serve you now. She is an incredibly determined lady, and is heading up breeding for specialist breeds all over the US.

The challenge

Big Hearted Breeders, a reputable breeder of rare dog breeds, faced a significant challenge in expanding their online presence and attracting potential customers.

Despite their dedication to ethical breeding practices and quality puppies, they struggled to rank prominently in search engine results for relevant keywords in their industry. This lack of visibility hindered their ability to connect with a wider audience and compete effectively in the competitive world of online dog breeding.

To address this challenge, Big Hearted Breeders sought our expertise to enhance their SEO strategy and boost their online visibility.

What did Market Jar do?

Market Jar devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Big Hearted Breeders’ unique needs. Our team conducted a thorough keyword analysis, optimizing the website’s on-page content, and implementing technical SEO improvements, including the website’s speed. We also crafted engaging and informative content to position Big Hearted Breeders as an industry authority and attract organic traffic.

Furthermore, we executed a targeted link-building campaign to enhance the website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. Our efforts also included local SEO optimizations to capture potential customers in their immediate vicinity.

Overall, our efforts have helped Big Hearted Breeders establish a stronger online presence and achieve sustainable growth for their business. Through improved search engine rankings, and increased organic traffic, Big Hearted Breeders are now better equipped to connect with pet enthusiasts and grow their customer base. We’re also now looking into addressing a domain strategy.

What results did we achieve?

For Big Hearted Breeders, we have highlighted how we were able to significantly improve their organic traffic and overall business performance.

Through our strategic SEO approach and targeted marketing campaigns, we were able to increase their website traffic by 1,328%.

Additionally, we helped them improve their brand visibility and awareness, resulting in a 20% increase in social media engagement and a 15% increase in customer retention.


Brand Visibility


Organic traffic


Customer Retention

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