SEO Case Study: African Fashion Brand

"Whether you're black or not, we invite everyone to wear the African clothing designs we’ve created".

Who is Nkiti clothing?

Nkiti is an African clothing venture based in London. The business is a new take on African fashion and an access point for non-Africans who also want to celebrate African culture.

The Scenario:

The guys from Nkiti Clothing came to Market Jar in 2021, and asked us to sort out their online traffic – their conversion rate was a big issue, and their blog content was empty. They were originally on our starter SEO Package, however, have since upgraded to our Plus package – as it offers more for their needs.


What did we deliver?

The first few months was very much a trial and error period – which they were happy to explore. After some testing, we were set that SEO would be the most profitable revenue stream for the business. The first few months were spent getting the blog filled up with quality SEO friendly content, this continues month on month now. We spent a good amount of time in the beginning months swapping out keywords that were not Intent driven. In the 6 months we have worked with them so far, we are seeing that 88.6% of all users are new users, Organic traffic is the highest converting revenue stream, with a conversion rate that has doubled their original figure. With our SEO Plus package, they are now receiving 6 High-quality backlinks a month + 2 new SEO friendly articles a week, amongst other technical SEO.


Backlink overview

After the initial 3 month testing period, plus after fixing all the site audit errors, we ran a content overhaul, and started a link acquisition campaign. We started reaching out to websites that are high-quality, relevant to the industry, and authoritative themselves. As per the norm, it takes a while to achieve traffic using this natural process, however, the quality of the links makes it worth the wait. Over time, Nkiti are seeing a consistent flow in SEO juice coming their way, as we continue to boost their rankings, and traffic.


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