Social Media for Property Developers




With social media being such a great place to find new prospective customers and generate a new traffic source, it’s incredibly competitive, meaning you have to work exceptionally hard to get your voice heard and your content seen. This is where Market Jar comes in!

Habitats started their social media presence early, they wanted to get their name out and create an audience before their platform was launched, and that’s where we came in.

Habitats has been created by a team of experienced property agents, this platform is a first in the UK – empowering homeowners to professionally present, list, market, negotiate and sell their home themselves, whilst remaining as secure and compliant as possible.

An easy to use platform, to sell your home yourself!


Social media for property developers




Social media set-up/campaign




Sell your home yourself!

No estate agent

No commission


Have you ever sold your own property? Without the help of a high street or online estate agent. Or maybe you know someone that has? You could be toying with the idea of selling your home yourself…⠀⠀⠀


Leave the competition in the dust today, and sign-up with Market Jar.

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