Website Design & Digital Marketing for Citipost


Who are Citipost?

Citipost are one of the UK’s leading catalogue and directory distributors. They also handle a diverse range of other products. Founded in 1985, Citipost are the largest privately owned logistics company in the UK.

Refreshed Brand Identity

The identity for Citipost was a little tired, so we started by completely revamping the logo, giving them a new and modern identity.


Brand New Logistics Website Design

With a group turnover of £150m+ they really needed a logistics website that showcased their success, and to really prove their distinct advantage over their competition.


We created these powerful and fun animations for their new website, web animation plays a key role for us to draw more users in. Now Citipost are able to present attractive visual experiences on their beautiful new website. These animations are an interaction that also helps to explain simple processes so users can easily understand what it is that they do.


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