4 Notable Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still Effective

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The success and longevity of other marketing strategies have led to a common question: “Is email marketing still important?” The short answer is yes. Personally targeted email marketing can help you reach your target audience, improving sales and reducing overall costs. Just as media and technology have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers easier than ever. If you still aren’t convinced of how effective email marketing is, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are four reasons why email marketing is still effective today.

It Allows You to Connect with Your Audience

Emails are a great way to keep your customers informed. Customers can check their email at their convenience. It keeps them thinking of you. You can send simple messages like: “Hi, we’ve got something special for you today!” or “Here’s a summary of what’s been going on here recently.” Those that have signed up to your email list have already agreed to receive these messages; they’re likely to enjoy the notes and it will boost engagement with your customers.

It Allows You to Reach Your Market in Real-Time

Emails allow you to reach your consumers instantly. This is doubly true when you consider how smartphones have become integral to daily life. Consumers are increasingly using their phones not just to send and receive an email, but also to access all other types of media and information. Not only that, but well-designed emails also produce higher conversion rates on mobile than any other medium.

People Engage with Emails

Years ago, email used to be one of our main choices of communication. Now, the situation has reversed: we are accustomed to browsing our messages at home and at work, rather than visiting each other’s homes and offices. Now, email has become the main channel for communication. We simply don’t expect most conversations to take place in person now. So, you can use email to drive people to your website or prompt them to call you. In fact, over 25% of sales last year were attributed to email marketing.

It’s Cost-Effective

With email marketing, you can reach many consumers for incredibly cheap. Therefore, it’s quite disappointing that most companies do not take advantage of it because the cost of sending a message is minimal. While it does offer a significant return on investment, it might be a good idea to hire someone to manage the marketing efforts. This could include writing, drafting, scheduling, sending, editing, and answering questions about offers, as well as database maintenance: adding and deleting members and updating information.

We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you see the benefits of a good email marketing campaign. As you can see, there are a slew of different reasons to utilize emails for your business’ marketing campaigns. Be sure to keep everything that you’ve learned here in mind so that you can make the most informed decisions for your business.

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