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Our SEO process & what you can expect

Month 1

On-boarding month

This month is all about uncovering any potential issues and opportunities, fixing any significant immediate issues and diving deep into research and data to lay the right foundation for the rest of the campaign. During our on-boarding month we front-load as much work as possible in order to show success quickly. 

There may be additional communication during the first month, to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding the business and priorities.

The major deliverables and actions during this month include:

  • Site-wide keyword research and mapping and a meta data review for the whole core website structure. 
  • Competitive core content review and recommendations that may identify significant content gaps.
  • Initial technical review with resolution of any significant technical issues that may impact immediate organic performance. 
  • Identifying and prioritising significant growth opportunities for the campaign based on existing content assets and their current performance and the competition.
  • Setup and integration of Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager within our reporting software in order to communicate ongoing campaign performance.
  • We will review (or create) the Google Business Profiles (Formerly Google My Business) to ensure all potential optimisations are leveraged. We will also conduct an initial citation review to identify possible issues and opportunities with existing and potential citations.
  • At the end of the initial month, your campaign document will be delivered that will outline the areas of business we will prioritise over the year. We ask that this is reviewed and approved.


Monthly Campaign Tasks

Onpage SEO Review & Strategy

  • During the on-boarding month, the initial strategy and focus was defined and the site-wide meta-data was completed and implemented. However, a team member will still review campaign performance to ensure that it is progressing well and may possibly tweak basic on-page optimisations to support the campaign.
  • There is no formal deliverable for this, however, if any changes are made it will be noted in the work log and changed on the website structure tab of your campaign document.
  • Every 6 months there is a more in-depth review of the campaign by your SEO manager. This is to ensure that the future focus areas are still relevant based on real-time performance data and to review the current page-specific optimisations to see if any changes or additional optimisations can be done to help improve the campaign’s performance.


Technical SEO Website Crawl & Review

  • While during the on-boarding month we resolve any significant issues with the website, each month we crawl your website to monitor and fix most issues that may arise (such as 404 pages, server errors, simple duplicate content, canonical tag issues, etc.)
  • For most platforms we are able to resolve most issues ourselves, however, depending on the CMS, we may need to escalate significant issues to your developers.
  • A new “Month # Crawl Review” tab will be created in your campaign document that pulls the latest crawl data and any notes from the technical manager. While we do not put a time minimum or maximum on this task, time spent may range from as little as 15-30 minutes to as much as a couple hours in any given month depending on what was identified as high impact and priority.


Reporting + Data Reviews

  • After the initial on-boarding month, you will receive your campaign document with communication on the work completed to date, and the campaign plan from your campaign manager.
  • Every month thereafter on the 1st of the month our reporting tool will auto-generate and email a campaign report to you directly outlining core keyword rankings on both Google and Google Local (if applicable) and Google Analytics data (organic traffic and conversions).
  • Every campaign also receives a mid-month campaign data review by the reporting team that is designed to internally flag campaign success and any potential campaign issues. This provides another set of eyes on the campaign and allows us to take any necessary action before waiting for the next monthly report.

Link Acquisition & Citation Building

  • Our monthly tasks for link acquisition will vary depending on which month of the 3-month focused work cycle we are in. More information on our link acquisition process is outlined below under


Quarterly Work Cycles to Guide Focused Link Acquisition

Our strategic approach to link acquisition with quarterly focus areas allow for improved campaign performance.

Rather than sending a small amount of links across multiple pages every month, we prioritise specific pages and areas of your business every quarter to be more strategic about link building. This helps improve campaign performance and expectations, and helps better communicate what is being done on a monthly and quarterly basis.

For our link acquisition, the major deliverables and actions during every 3-month work cycle include:

  • Preparation of an anchor text document that guides the strategic approach to link building. This allows us to ensure proper anchor text ratios while considering competitive anchor texts and real-time performance. This will be a new tab within your campaign document.
  • The creation of guest post style content that will be used on high authority and/or relevant third party websites.
  • Insertion of links within the above content based on the anchor text document plan.
  • Depending on the package, the number of these posts will vary – typically ranging from 6 per quarter (~2 per month) to 24 per quarter (8 per month).
  • Due to the nature of our 3-month link building approach. The approval of the quarterly focus areas and any communication around wanting to change them is very important. Because our team needs to prepare and create a lot of supporting content around the quarterly existing anchor text plan, we are unable to change focus areas in the middle of a work cycle. However, we can change any future work cycles.
  • For local businesses, citations (instances of your business name, address, and phone number appearing across the web) are built to help improve local map placements. If you are a local business, acquiring key citations will be prioritised during each work cycle as well. For citation data, a new tab in your campaign document will be created.


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