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Reseller Service Overview

At Market Jar, we’re changing an industry that has lacked innovation and transparency. Our service is structured to help businesses that are focused on the long-term, we don’t do any spam or growth hacks, we focus on what Google looks for to achieve high first-page rankings.

The first thing to note about our service is that we produce a detailed report (every 3 months), with monthly overviews. We do this for a few reasons, which are:

  1. It’s impossible for an SEO service to have any significant impact in a few weeks, it takes at least 3 months to see any progress that is measurable.
  2. Depending on your site history, you’ll need a few months to achieve consistent growth on Google.
  3. Google looks for consistency when ranking a site highly. We’ll go over how we do this below.

We also provide our SEO dashboard which tracks your rankings daily, incoming backlinks & auditing, so the general overview of progress is already covered and is tracked 24/7 for you. If you need to make a report early for you/your client, there’s a report section on the dashboard available.

Let’s go over our monthly service structure below:

Weekly Blog Content

Having consistent content published on-site is the primary growth factor when ranking on Google. Volume is the key driver (as you’ll see with our clients BigCommerce & Charge ASAP), along with topic relevancy and quality.

Our content is made to rank on competitive, intent-driven search terms that acquire high-quality traffic. Google looks for sites that deliver great user experience, by creating engaging content we’re able to increase your leads, conversions & traffic consistently over time.

We send over our content on a specific day each week, when we have your approval, we can get it published for you.

On-Page Optimisation

Similarly, to content, optimization should not be rushed or only done once. We analyse competitor sites to see how they are ranking highly, when we have enough data, we then optimise your site based on what’s working for other sites in your industry.

On your dashboard, you’ll have issues, errors, and warnings that show in the ‘Site Auditor’ section. We’ll go through everything for you and rescan for a comparison report. We also edit our changes over time, to ensure that your site is optimised for new search trends.

We get the majority of on-site issues fixed up on the first few months, it’s important to note though that optimisation isn’t a one-time task, it’s recurring to ensure that we rank your site as high as possible over the long term.


This is an area of SEO where people have varied opinions on what works best. Some people like to build their own blog networks to growth hack their way to the first page, while others like to buy backlinks from places like Freelancer or FiverrWe don’t do either of these, we highly recommend against doing this. 

We focus on link placements and active media/blog articles. This is what is highly recommended by Google as ‘White-Hat’. Guest posts no longer contribute to rankings, nor do any form of paid links.

The link that we acquire typically references a statistic or quote in the articles that we publish on your site, so it’s extremely important to get them published. This is the only backlink technique that Google approves of, as it’s more genuine than getting multiple links from forums/directories to your home page.

This does take a while to achieve, but the quality of the links makes it worth the wait. Over time, you’ll see a consistent flow of blog references.

Have any questions about our service? Feel free to reach out to your account manager or via our live chat.


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