The Main Reasons You Should Build Your Business On WordPress

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When we got our first client back in June of 2017, I was raring with excitement, ready to build, and having spent a lot of time researching which were the best platforms to build on, WordPress came out on top every time – why? Because it’s so user-friendly! As a user, you don’t have to know the latest technical jargon, all you need to have is a genuine interest for the company you’re working for, and the rest will be simple!

Now a year and a half later we are pretty proficient with WordPress, having spent a lot of man hours working out all the different strategies, themes and tricks we are raring to take on new business.

The best things that we love about working with WordPress sites are as follows:

– You don’t need to have had any prior experience in web development to begin maintaining websites on WordPress, adding an image, a blog, a new page – it’s all really really easy! We create these sites for your user experience!

– The marketplace for plugins is endless, anything you want installing we can install it, if it’s not there – well then you’re creating something pretty unique, but again, we can build it – the resources are endless!

– WordPress has an amazing support community. I have had hundreds of questions over the years and found the answers through others who’ve already asked the same question or through asking the question myself. The WordPress Support Forums can be a great place to start.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why we think you should have your site built by Market Jar on WordPress, and as always we are always here and happy to answer any of your questions.


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