Branding 101: Why Visual Identity Matters in Branding

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For any company, branding is a crucial aspect of running the business because it’s the identity that lets it stand out from the competition. For this reason, companies take branding very seriously because it is an investment in the future, and the value and success of a brand are determined by how well it is managed. However, it’s not an easy task, and visual identity is tricky to develop.

Visual identity is an essential aspect of branding because it’s the core aspect of branding. In essence, it’s what allows a company to be recognised by its customers, suppliers, and employees. It also gives the company a certain prestige based on the image it projects. Not many people know what makes visual identity, let alone the concept in the first place, which is why we’ll discuss more of it in this article. Read on below to get started.

The Elements of Visual Identity

Here are the primary elements of visual identity:

Colour Palette

The colour palette is perhaps the central part of visual identity, which comes in sets of three to five colours. The colour palette harmonises the brand logo and any other graphic elements that you might use to represent the company. The colours of the colour palette are chosen to reflect the company’s values and make the message of the brand more effective.


Graphics are essentially the images and elements used in the promotion of a brand. One of the main objectives of visual identity is to make sure that the graphics and features you use as part of the promotion of your brand are consistent and reflect your brand values.


Imagery is another important thing that’s used to represent your brand. The imagery in your brand represents the brand’s values. When customers see your brand’s imagery, they can tell the values that they represent. Imagery can be photos, illustrations, and designs.


Typography refers to the typeface and typestyles of a company. It’s a vital part of visual identity because it helps you express your message to your customers and make things easier for them to read. The typeface also plays a fundamental role in communicating the personality of the brand. To effectively communicate your brand’s personality, you’ll want to take into consideration the subconscious effects of the appearance of the typeface.

Applications of Visual Identity

In branding, visual identity is applied in the following ways:

Logo and Brand Assets

As mentioned earlier, visual identity often refers to a company’s logo. Still, it can also refer to other brand assets such as the company’s letterhead or stationery, business cards, and websites. These elements are meant to reflect the brand and company values, sending the same message to customers and other pertinent parties.

Business and Advertising

Visual identity is also applied to other business tools and advertisements. The brand’s logo should be consistent, but also advertising and business items should be as well. Therefore, many companies ensure that all advertising materials such as posters, flyers, and mailers carry the brand’s logo and are consistent with the tone and colour used.


For companies who deal in consumer goods, packaging is an excellent tool to use to enhance the overall branding. The packaging of a product often serves as a container for the final product, but it’s also an essential promotional tool because it affects the perception of the product.

Web and Digital Design

Visual identity also applies to websites and digital design. When you design a website or any other digital content, you should be consistent with the logo and other aspects of the brand’s visual identity to create consistency. If you do this, users will keep coming back to your website and recognise your brand.

It’s not easy to effectively develop a visual identity. It takes time and a lot of effort to build one that can effectively communicate your company’s values and vision to your customers. However, the result is worth it because it will ensure that your prospects remember your brand and its values.

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